90 mixing stations supporting the cement silo As a small mixing station cement silo integral part, played the role can not be ignored, in the course of which the mixing station cement silo how to better cutting, achieve a multiplier effect it, cement silo 90 small mixing plant of How should you use it? The cement silo cement tank cement silo structure of understanding for the cylindrical structure, the bottom of the tube by four legs to support the entire cartridge body, the whole warehouse full of steel form, welded; cement tank work by special crane to its stand From then placed in advance jhl5258gjb concrete mixer truck on the basis of prefabricated concrete welding firm, so cement tank when using a fixed tank, when the output of materials to be strictly through the discharge port. So to ensure the smooth discharge port is very important. Beneath Cement Bunker smooth cement tank To ensure smooth discharge, we must first ensure that the material delivered into the cement tank is dry, otherwise they will be in the tank body the formation of stones, cement tank unloading; cement tank storage have Note that the usual inspection of bulk materials, cement silo to check whether the closed intact, if there are air leaks, etc., if abnormal timely treatment, prevent problems enlargement; there is, each time cleaning the cement tank, cement tank must wipe dry, to prevent the material from moisture; when the required discharge, first open the manual discharge valve at the bottom of the cone, and then transported by means of cement concrete transfer out. In the discharge process, if there is "bagging" phenomenon, press the button on the timely arch breaker 9m3(dasion) concrete mixer truck solenoid valves were blowing, eliminating the "bagging" in feeding, to ensure smooth supply of cement. Xinfeng small concrete mixing plant machinery production mainly HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS75 concrete mixing stations, small mixing plant yield of less than 90 cubic meters per hour, general services mainly small site and temporary works frequently move, such as rural architecture, roads, dams, small-scale water conservancy projects. How to use concrete batching machine 1, the opening of ingredients, the measure known as bucket should be empty bucket, shown above, must be 0, if not for the "0" press the Clear key. 2, batching controller does not work if the occasional case, you can turn off the power on again. 3, concrete batching machine boot first dosing process to automatically drop the amendment procedure. Later on by the results of this revised formulation, when each material is divided into two sections dasion bulk concrete mixer truck automatically correct ingredients, in order to achieve the measurement requirements. 4, said metering hopper debris must be careful not to get stuck. 5, concrete batching machine to check the circuit before starting the wireless head loose and loose components, if any should be securely connected and rugged box can not put debris.